PYT Client Alert: SPED ADR Process

Special Education Alternative Dispute Process Available Now

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted school districts across the state in ways that seemed unimaginable a few weeks ago, but no matter the circumstances, school districts remain obligated to provide a free, appropriate public education (FAPE) to their students.

Trevor Hall talks about the importance of establishing a Special Education Alternative Dispute Resolution Process to ensure all students, including special education students, receive FAPE in the new world of online learning.

PYT's The School Zone Podcast: Special Education Guidance with Geneva Taylor & Trevor Hall

Join host, David Torres, as he broadcasts a webinar discussion conducted by special education attorneys Geneva Taylor and Trevor Hall discussing COVID-19 Closures and how to provide FAPE to special education students while avoiding pitfalls that lead to litigation.

COVID-19 Trends as of 4/8

Chris Tackett is a public education advocate and executive with Coca-Cola Bottling. He regularly posts statistics concerning public education and has been posting COVID-19 statistics as they come in. Yesterday, he shared COVID-19 Trends as of April 8, 2020, and graciously permitted PYT to share this information with you! Big thanks to Mr. Tackett for allowing us to share these resources with our clients!

Resources from TEA and Latest COVID-19 News

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