PYT Client Alert: SPED Guidance among COVID-19 Outbreak

At Powell, Youngblood, & Taylor, the health and safety of our employees and visitors is our top priority. In order to ensure this priority, PYT is regularly disinfecting our office space and encouraging our employees to report any signs of illness. Currently, we are still in the office hard at work, so don't hesitate to give us a call at 512-494-1177 should the need arise.

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Special Education Guidance for Closed Schools

While neither the United States Department of Education (“USDOE”), nor Texas Education Agency (“TEA”) has yet to provide specific guidance for public school district on providing educational services to students with disabilities during school closure, Geneva Taylor has provided a robust following based upon federal and state law and best practices.

PYT School Zone: Discussing COVID-19 with Dr. J.D. Sheffield

David Torres sat down with Dr. J.D. Sheffield to talk about the symptoms of COVID-19, how to determine whether you have the coronavirus or simply really bad allergies, and the impact COVID-19 will have on Texas public schools.

The latest COVID-19 News

  • There will be a webinar for updates on meal serving options today at 1:00 P.M.