Construction Law

Our construction law practice is founded on substantive knowledge and practical experience in the area of public facilities construction. Our attorneys have extensive experience in the areas of construction negotiating and drafting contracts; insurance and bid, payment, and performance bond issues; purchasing laws; and working with decision makers to assure that they attain the best value in their school construction programs.

Our philosophy is that a team approach to major facility construction programs can greatly improve the finished project. Our detailed approach to contract negotiation, owner representation during the design phase and proactive legal representation during the construction phase results in the owner having effective representation throughout the process, while reducing the risk of litigation. We provide practical advice in developing construction contract documents, and advise our clients on how those contract decisions may impact the building process and remain alert for any potential disputes during construction.

When litigation is unavoidable, we have experience prosecuting and defending multiparty construction claims, with a record of favorable settlements, judgments and arbitration awards for our clients.​ In order to streamline the negotiation and contract preparation process, we subscribe to the electronic AIA Contract Document on the Microsoft Word platform.